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Taking on big health concerns with mighty plants

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Greetings, friends!

For those of you who attended the Collage-and-Learn, here are some notes on the plants we studied. For those of who you weren’t at the Collage-and-Learn, here are some notes on what we studied!

Here’s to Collage-and-Learn sessions. I will definitely do that again!

The three herbs we studied this week were:

1. Stinging Nettle

2. Tulsi (Holy Basil)

3. Pau d’Arco (tree, not herb!)

Here are some benefits found for each of them. Note that there is a lot of overlap—something I find with many herbs I have studied—so that if you are repulsed by the taste of any one in particular and are drawn towards another, listen and trust!

An asterisk* indicates that research studies have confirmed this finding. Let me know if you want to see my sources.

The plant pharmacopeia is mighty and healing. Where do most of our pharmaceuticals come from, after all? I invite us into first trusting what has grown with us on this earth, rather than what we have made in a lab. “Save it until you need it,” as my mother used to tell me about cursing! Let’s save the industrial pharmaceuticals and be clear about whether we are listening to our higher selves or fear in our choices! We know that when we are in flow with divine guidance we are already healed and these medicines, whether from a plant or a bottle, can be our helpers.

Because these can be so powerful, please consult your healthcare practitioner if you are concerned about drug interactions.

1. Stinging Nettle can be found in our lawns as a weed! Feel free to harvest it with a photo handy for careful identification. I love mixing this herb with other “teas” such as rooibos (full of vitamin C).

· Urinary tract health (including prostate*)

· Pain and sore muscles as from arthritis and other inflammatory conditions

· Lowers A1c in people with type 2 diabetes*

· High in polyphenols which fight obesity, diabetes, breast cancer,* heart disease

· Anti-aging support

2. Tulsi can easily be grown in our gardens in North Carolina—I plan to try some this year, it is so yum and so beneficial!

· Immune booster

· Reduces fever, coughs, colds, upper respiratory symptoms

· Reduces blood pressure

· Rich in adaptogens so it helps us deal with stress

· Anti-cancer properties as it is a strong antioxidant*

· Heart health support

· Diabetes*: regulates blood glucose, reduces tendency toward metabolic syndrome

· Kidney stones

· Digestion and ulcers*

· Weight loss

· Mental health (anxiety and depression)

· Wound healing (can also use as poultice): anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, helps with mouth ulcers, keloids, acne

· Lowers stress-induced high cholesterol*

· Supports arthritis and fibromyalgia

· Is high in: vitamins A and C; minerals calcium, zinc, iron; cleanser chlorophyll

3. Pau d’Arco is from the inner bark of the bow tree originally from Portugal. It can be contraindicated for folks on blood thinners. This bark is beautiful and slightly sweet—very aromatic!

· Anti-bacterial against MRSA and h. Pylori (in test tubes!)

· Anti-inflammatory against osteoarthritis

· Contains the powerful antioxidant quercetin (helpful against coronaviruses)

· Common cold/flus/cold sores

· Candida killer

· Anti-cancer

· Anemia support

· Urinary health

We are powerful beyond measure when we work with the gifts of the earth!

During my RESTART classes we cover all kinds of things like this. The class also includes a three-week vacation from processed foods to get us back to Earth foods.

My commitment is to fuel our good bodies with the food of nature and I am passionate about sharing this message with as many as I can reach. Are you interested? Know someone who might be?

The next RESTART Program begins March 9th and runs each Wednesday 7-8:30 pm ET through April 9th.

Everything is included—the class sessions and educational materials, my undying support and hand-holding, and a real live cookbook.

This program is super powerful and eye-opening. I’ve been teaching it now for almost 7 years and I’m always discovering new things to share and new ways to support you in having the results you desire:

· Weight loss

· No more energy crashes in the afternoon

· No more aches and pains

· Say no to brain fog

· Clear up the skin

It’s truly amazing what can happen when we get in sync with what nature intended for our body temples! And it is not easy to do that with the voices of ego calling from every-which-where!

I am here for you. Please reach out if you have questions.

Oh! Price! Yes! I offer the program for an investment of $295 (register? Here!). Want a payment plan? Considering using HSA? Call me and we’ll talk!

Much much love, my dear ones,


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