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Is it time for a RESTART?

Give your body a vacation from processed foods and thrive with my group experience.

RESTART sugar detox: Welcome
Salmon Dish

Six weeks of support.

Three weeks off sugar and processed foods.

A new world of possibilities:

  • Get your body back

  • Manage your anxiety

  • Balance your weight

  • Harmonise your hormones

  • Improve your sleep

  • Reduce your joint pain

  • Regain mental clarity

RESTART sugar detox: About Me

More details?

  • Five 90-minute zoom classes packed with empowering information and fun.

  • A 3-week sugar “detox” challenge sandwiched within the 5 weeks.

  • Before and After assessments.

  • A beautifully simple cookbook/resource guide to support your journey.

  • Daily check-ins to ensure your success.​

  • Supportive emails before, during, and after the program.

  • All this for $395! (payment plan available)

RESTART sugar detox: About Me
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