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I had an A-ha!

Greetings to you, my dear community,

I come to you with an a-ha and an invitation.

  • The a-ha: my “elevator pitch” for what the heck my business is.

  • The invitation: to get calm to heal your gut and your brain.

I have been grappling recently with how to define my business and this is what came to me: I am the Owner of Creative Wellness. No more, “So what do you do?” answers which depend upon where I am, with whom I am speaking.

I am the Owner of Creative Wellness, a Wellness Center which serves the Charlotte region, in person, and the world, virtually. Boom. How might Creative Wellness serve you? Well, what do you expect from a Wellness Center?

  • How about bodywork? Absolutely. Creative Wellness has breathwork healing and Reiki, both available virtually and in person.

  • How about food and nutrition? Yes, indeed. We offer individual nutritional therapy, as well as group classes for all ages, including The RESTART (sugar detox) Program.

  • And, life coaching? Of course. We offer Positive Intelligence group classes along with good old-fashioned private coaching.

Creative Wellness is now set up as a Google business, too, so please jump on to read reviews, learn more about it and, hey, if you’ve been a client, how about adding your own review? My goal is to create a world of love and light where everyone gets to play. Imagine that. I am having this happen ripple-by-ripple with my classes, coaching, and connections and I would love your support in spreading those ripple.

I am committed to offering a monthly blog with supportive ideas, tips, and inspiration which come from my trainings and experiences. I am committed 100 percent to creating that blog myself; I am leery of the incursion of AI into creative spaces, so no worries about it showing up here. That being said, welcome to my first blog in this vein.

Get Calm to Heal On

How to calm the mind to heal the body.

We know every part of us is connected to every other part of us, sure, but a mental/emotional state related to the physical? Oh, yes. Think of someone against whom you nurture a grudge or have a tinge of envy. If you don’t have one, you’re either superhuman or in denial; congratulations either way, you can stop reading. The rest of us, where do you experience that feeling in your body? I’m going to say that, while I feel jolts of anxiety in my belly, I experience envy higher up, in my chest, shoulders, jaw. Does that resonate? Where are your “negative” emotions coming from? And where do you experience them?

Identifying where we experience exhausting emotions is powerful; it puts us at choice. I don’t want to experience jolts of energy in my belly, I don’t want to experience jaw-tightness, and when I see it, I can work with it.

This blog was inspired by emotions which arose as I awoke the other day. I experienced the tightness, the jolts. What did I do?

I invited Positive Intelligence in. Even in a state of half-sleep I was able to do simple toe exercises to calm my belly. They worked; my anxiety receded. A few moments later, I became aware of a resentment towards a certain person and noticed a shallowness of breath. I paused and chose to release, to breathe deeply, consciously, feeling the air enter and leave, allowing my shoulders and jaw to loosen. Great, that certainly feels better, but how does that help my gut? Every time I experience a jolt of anxiety, I am telling my body it’s time to fight, to fly, or to freeze; I am releasing cortisol into my system, making a demand on my adrenal glands and stressing them. This triggers the release of glucose in the body and, consequently, insulin. All this wreaks havoc because I’m not really in a crisis, am I? I’m simply having a worry.

The human body is a healing miracle; especially when we give it the freedom to operate. When I allow envy and anxiety to ride roughshod across my physical being I am living in a state of fight, flight, freeze; my body dominated by the sympathetic nervous system. In order to heal, in order to rest, and even to digest, I get to sink into a parasympathetic state, a calm state.

Using Positive Intelligence techniques allows me to access the Sage parts of my mind to calm the savage beasts of envy, anxiety and [fill in the blank with your favorite taxing emotion] to allow my body to focus on healing.

I know that when I am in charge of my thoughts, rather than my thoughts being in charge of me, I allow my body to be in a parasympathetic state which permits my gut to be calm to absorb nutrients properly. And when the nutrients are absorbed, the body uses them to make cells with optimal membranes, happy neurotransmitters, and healthy hormones. It’s a circular win-win; when I clean up my mental health, I improve my gut health which supports my mental health which supports my physical health, which etc. etc. It works from all directions: clean up the gut and improve the mental, etc. etc. Isn’t the body marvelous? Whichever mindfulness practice we choose allows for a parasympathetic state to be present, for healing to occur. I choose Positive Intelligence because it’s like meditation on steroids; I choose breathwork because the Relax is the best I have ever found anywhere, anytime.

If you’d like to learn more about the power of Positive Intelligence or breathwork, I invite you to reach out to me or visit my website here. I will be offering a new 6-week Positive Intelligence class soon, so let me know if you’d like to be on the list.

If there’s something you’d like to see explored in this space, please reach out. If you’d like to be featured as a Guest Blogger, let’s talk.

If you’d like to be added to the Creative Wellness mailing list, please let me know that, too.

I appreciate you; I am here for your optimal mind, body, and spirit health and for that of the whole planet.

All blessings,


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