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Let’s plan some Creative Wellness, y’all!

  • Summer RESTART runs June 20th through July 18th

  • Fall Positive Intelligence (PQ) group August 1st through September 5th

  • Fall RESTART is October 3rd through October 31st

  • And…final class of 2023: Positive Intelligence will be November 7th through December 12th


Do you want to reset your diet? Commit or recommit to clean eating? Restore harmony to your body? Ease your aches and pains? Heal your digestion?

RESTART is my offering which supports dietary shift and healing through education, empowerment, and a three week vacation from processed foods and sugars. I have been teaching the program for the past seven years and I adore it; my students experience tremendous improvements in the simple five week program. It is powerful! Please click here to learn more.

Let’s PQ!

Do you want to uplevel your mental fitness? Update your internal operating system, tame your internal judge and drastically reduce stress? How about improving work performance and personal relationships?

Positive Intelligence is mind blowing-ly simple. It is elegant mind training, a mental fitness program which I am in love with for growing and healing mentally, emotionally, and physically. We go to a gym for physical fitness and we go to Positive Intelligence for mental fitness. It is extraordinarily effective. Positive Intelligence takes minutes to learn, six weeks to get the first level under your belt, with tools for a lifetime. Click here for more information (please ignore the listed price!).

To register for either program, please reach out for a quick chat. I want to give you a chance to ask all your questions and be sure the program is a good fit. Additionally, please share this information with anyone you think might benefit; I’ve even got an idea for a finder’s benefit!

Thank you, my lovely community,



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