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Summer with Creative Wellness

(I am in joy, y'all, on a friend's boat on Lake Norman near Denver, NC)

Dearest Creative Wellness supporters, It’s been a minute since I’ve written, hasn't it?! I have added more to my plate these last few months and I figured it was about time I poked my head out of the busyness to let you know what’s going on. Scroll right to the end for Upcoming Events. I want to bring my Creative Wellness to your Signature Wellness, I told Dr. Deb Matthew in March. And so in mid-April I became part of her team as a Health Coach and Patient Educator. How exciting! It is honestly the best of both worlds: part of the team for 3 days and working as chief cook and bottle-washer for my own business the rest. With both I am always, only always, focused on empowering people into optimal mind-body-spirit health. Signature Wellness is a local functional medical practice. We share the goals of ferreting out and healing root causes of symptoms in order to create optimal wellness. Signature Wellness also offers Bioidentical Hormone Therapies through our licensed providers. These are a tremendous tool in our health toolbox and it is thrilling to learn about them and witness their impact on people’s lives. It’s fantastic to be working with a team. It’s fantastic to be part of health transformation all around because our approach works. When we dig into the causes of a symptom, not only can we relieve the symptom, but we can prevent it from returning. It sounds so basic, so fundamental, but it is a paradigm shift from the conventional medical thinking which tends to just treat symptoms. But that's like putting a piece of electrical tape over the dashboard when the Check Engine light comes on, instead of asking WHY the light is blinking, isn't it? In our work at Signature Wellness, just as in my work with Creative Wellness, we dig deeply, to sort out problems at their base.

I love working one-on-one with people eager to resolve their digestive and mood issues, eager to transform their lives.

I adore teaching the RESTART sugar detox classes, and I’ve recently added Positive Intelligence classes to my repertoire as I work towards certification as a Positive Intelligence coach.

It’s a full plate, y’all, and I am experiencing satisfaction. Satisfaction that I am creating love and light and healing in the world and that my impact is spreading, rippling, further and further out. I am committed to a world where everyone gets to play; and that’s no insignificant thing.

To me, being able to play means health in mind, body, and spirit. To me, play means freedom, it means choice. To play is a wondrous thing which I believe is a birthright of being human. I am committed to bringing love and light and doing what I can to move us towards mind-body-spirit health, so we can play as individuals, families, and communities. I do this with my nutrition work; I do this with my transformational coaching, both privately and as a volunteer with Redesign Training. I do this with my daily cartwheels on Facebook (look out, fast approaching Cartwheel 700!). I’m committed to spreading my impact further, so if you have ideas, please let me know. I am committed to you, your health, and your dreams and I look forward to hearing how I can support you. There are some events THIS WEEK which you might be interested in: The Healing Angels Organization, FREE “Summer Wellness Summit” runs July 12-14 via zoom.

I am presenting on Wednesday the 13th at 7:50pm ET and I am excited! These summits are always fun and inspiring. Register here to get the zoom link. Then, next Saturday, another free event, a Wellness Day on July 16th in Concord, NC at the Clearwater Arts Studio (223 Crowell Drive NW, 28025). 10am to 6pm ET.

All day access to massage, Reiki, and other healing modalities. What a beautiful opportunity for connection and restoration. I am honored to be speaking at this event, as well. My next RESTART class will be in the autumn, so if you, or a friend, are interested in getting on the waitlist, please reach out. I hope to see you soon--either virtually or in-person!

Please reach out with comments and questions; you know I’m here for them. Blessings blessings, one and all, blessings!

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