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Let's benefit veterans and your body by taking a break from sugar

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Let’s give our bodies a vacation from processed foods and sugar—and benefit veterans in the process--a super win-win!

What does your body need to thrive? When you listen closely does it tell you? Or is there so much interference from the noises all around that it’s impossible to hear?

Do you notice that when you eat things with sugar, or things with lots of carbs, that you want to keep eating them? Do you ever feel like sugar has control over you?

Do you notice that your joints are achy, your thinking foggy, that you tend to crash in the afternoons? Have you wondered if there’s a connection?

How’s your sleep? Do you wake up feeling rested and ready to embrace your day?

Your digestion? Do you run loose? Constipated? Gassy? Gurgly? What’s going on in the department no one wants to talk about?

All of these are ways your body is communicating with you that something isn’t right. These signs and symptoms will grow increasingly loud until you stop, look, and listen.

I know that because I’ve been there. I know that because it took me so long to listen to my body it had the opportunity to develop chronic conditions. If I had listened earlier in life, perhaps I wouldn’t have developed an autoimmune situation. If I had listened earlier in life, perhaps my digestion wouldn’t have gotten so messed up that I couldn’t go out in public.

Until I healed it one day, one meal, at a time.

I invite you to stop, look, and listen now before things are irreversible. I invite you to stop, look, and listen now before things get any worse. I invite you to stop, look, and listen now because you’re curious about what might change when you:

  • Give your body a 21-day break from sugars and processed foods.

  • Get support to find out what actually nourishes your mind, body, soul and learn how to have it happen.

  • Study for 5 weeks with a certified Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Functional Blood Chemistry Specialist.

  • Experience the encouragement and empowerment of working with a group of people on their own healing journeys.

With my RESTART Program you receive all that in the form of:

  • A 5-week educational program complete with handouts for each 90-minute class.

  • A 3-week sugar “detox” challenge within the 5 weeks.

  • An actual cookbook to guide and support your journey.

  • Daily check-ins from me, your instructor.

  • Supportive information via email before, during, and after the program.

The RESTART Program is comprehensive to support your optimal health in mind, body, and soul. It is a wraparound program designed to set you up for success: the classes are live on zoom and interactive to help the learning stick, the materials are clearly presented, and I am available to you every step of the way.

Is it scary to think of giving up sugars? Then it’s time to give it a break for 21 days and see what your body thinks. You can do anything for 21 days when you have the support you need to succeed. And your body will thank you with:

  • Clearer thinking

  • Consistent energy—no more afternoon crashes

  • Reduced aches and pains

  • Lowered blood sugars, blood pressure, and cholesterol

  • Less body fat

The RESTART Program works; it is simple and it is powerful. Simple may not mean easy—but it’s also not as hard as you might think. And I am here for you all the way.

Check out what past participants have to say:

I have worked with Helen with her ReStart program and her knowledge and passion in nutrition and wellness are contagious! She is full of helpful information and tips to guide you on your path to whole-being wellness. She has literally changed my life and I will be forever grateful. Helen truly cares about you as a person and about your community, your environment and everything that goes into your health and wellness. I highly recommend her for all your wellness needs!


My blood sugar readings are now falling within the normal range--I really can't express how wonderfully new I feel.

Thank you, Helen, I am not finished, and hopefully never will be finished, with this new way of eating good things.


I just finished the ReStart program with Helen and noticed huge results. She was supportive, informative and humorous every step of the way!

Susan Burns Nesterowicz

My mind is sharper than it's been in a long time.


Join us! Classes will meet on zoom from 7-8:30pm ET on Tuesdays beginning January 4 and run through February 1.

What do you have to lose? Only all those symptoms you are not enjoying and yet may never have thought were connected to your nutrition.

The investment for RESTART is $295 and includes everything I've listed above. I know it’s not a lot for all that you receive, but I want it to be accessible for everyone. Ready to commit? Then here's the link to register.

If you prefer a payment plan, please reach out to me.

How does signing up benefit veterans?

For every student who enrolls, I will be donating 30% to two fantastic charities: Healing Angels, and Veterans Healing Farm. Check out what they're up to!

It’s unusual for a small business to contribute such a high percentage, I know, but it is super important to me that we have healing accessible to everyone and these two organizations are having it happen; they are super-powered and I'm all in with them.

Interested? Whether you’re ready to commit or have questions, please jump into my free, introductory session this Thursday 7-7:30 pm ET in my Facebook group. Here’s the link for the group.

I look forward to seeing you there!

As always, if you have questions please reach out to me by phone at 704-451-3900 or through my site.

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