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I thought this was funny; I hope you do, too.

When I decided to organize my business year with monthly themes, I consciously avoided anything with the word “love” in it for February. I wanted intentional themes, not knee-jerk Hallmark-inspired ones. January was Intention. February is Gratitude. March is…stay tuned.

Meanwhile, in time for Valentine’s Day, let’s talk about February.

Wait--in time for Valentine's Day, Helen? It's almost St. Patrick's Day; what gives? Oops, business owner wearing multiple hats and not prioritizing the blog. It's a bit early for an April Fool's joke, so let's reflect on February, shall we?!

From the Latin word februa, “to cleanse.” The Roman calendar month of Februarius was named for Februalia, a festival of purification and atonement that took place during this period. Oh my. Had I better change my theme from Gratitude to Cleanse? Hmm. Intriguing. How perfect, actually, as the first RESTART class sugar detox of the year gets underway this week. No accidents, people. Hmm. I suppose I could change it, let me consult with the boss. Ha. I am experiencing gratitude for having the flexibility of my own business; I get to decide to have themes and I get to decide to tweak them. I’m curious now to check out the Almanac for each month’s name origins. So, February is now Cleanse. Cleanse, renew, RESTART (heck, yeah), clear out, purify, clarify, clarity. Ah, clarity.

Speaking of cleansing, I took a bath last night. I am instinctively cleansing, purifying, without realizing it is apparently the time of year for it. It’s making sense to me as a way to step out of any residue of the past year. I cleanse myself to move into the new year with its infinite possibilities, its unsullied pages.

I meet the cleanliness of 2023 with a clean body, clean heart and mind, and a clean bed. Synchronistically, I just changed my sheets, something which does not happen often; I usually have “more important” things to do.

This month gets to be about purifying. I shall use plenty of palo santo, essential oils, and candles. I shall keep lights low whenever possible. I shall cleanse my diet of things which may not be serving me. The timing is perfect; I’ve been thinking cheese gets to go on vacation and this upcoming RESTART is the perfect opportunity.

And I shall continue using Byron Katie’s questions. I used them on an anger situation yesterday and it was brilliant. I can see that the anger I experienced at the person in question is ultimately anger at myself for my own choices. I am clear about how I am projecting my feelings onto this hapless person who is doing the best they can with what they’ve got. And having no idea that I’m over here judging the heck out of them.


I am experiencing gratitude for the seamless coming together of the different spiritual practices I have. Katie’s Work brings me into ACIM-land where I am one with everyone and everything I see because I “made” it. Positive Intelligence supports me with physical techniques to bring me back to presence in this reality I am experiencing.

I am cleaning up my mind, clearing the gunk out of my heart which is causing me pain. I put it there so by-golly I can pull it out. And God is silently cheering me on. God knows I am perfect, whole, complete, pure, and cleansed. He is patiently waiting for me to realize that and wake up to Heaven.

Isn’t that interesting?

So cleansing and purifying. I shall continue my spiritual practices with a renewed vigor. I’ve been doing breathwork almost daily since the October retreat with David Elliot and I’m excited to continue that. I’ve been reading and meditating with ACIM almost daily since the beginning of last year and I’m excited to continue that. I’ve been performing a beautiful stretching, yoga-Pilates-physical therapy-Reiki energy, routine/ritual both morning and evening almost daily and I’m excited to continue that. And walking. Again, almost daily. Ooh, and don’t forget this writing, as often as I possibly can without getting up earlier than 6:30, thank you.

It sounds like a lot as I write it out, but it’s not, honestly; it’s enough.

What shall you do to cleanse and purify this month?

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