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What is a Re-Treat?

What does it mean to re-treat?

What is a treat in the first place? I think of childhood, I think of play, I think of fun. And that is what I am inviting you to.

I am inviting you to re-treat yourself with joy and fun.

Thanksgiving will be under our belts—so to speak—and we get to spend three blissful hours in a time-out-of-time experience, treating ourselves to:

· Play! Play with your inner child using a playbook I’ve designed for the occasion.

· Joy! Deepen your connection with the season following shared meditations and visualizations.

· Fun! Let’s laugh together as we try new things in the comfort of our own living spaces.

When: Sunday, November 28 from 1-4pm EDT/12-3 CST/10-1 PST
Where: Live on Zoom
Who: All beautiful souls ready to re-treat themselves
What is the cost: A donation to KIND
Why: “To give and to receive are one in truth.” (ACIM, W-108)

I am offering this retreat to benefit you and to benefit the organization, Kids In Need of Defense (KIND).

Through your support of KIND, children will have the legal support and protection they need to be safely reunited with their families. Please check out their work here.

This is heart work and I am grateful to be able to do it. I hope you will join me!

Please make a donation—I am requesting $100 per participant and I know, for some, that is a lot and, for others, it is not. Please give what you are called to give and send me a copy of the confirmation.

I will then send you the Zoom link and the playbook!

To sweeten the deal—Lifetime Cable Channel is MATCHING donations through tomorrow night (15 November)!

Here’s the link for the donation.

Please send the confirmation to me at 704-451-3900 or

With great respect and in anticipation of re-treating with you,


If you would like more information, more detail about the three hours we are spending together, please reach out—I am always available to you.

About your facilitator, Helen Gardiner-Parks FNTP M.S.Ed:

I have been enjoying retreats of many varieties since my early 20s.

I began creating them when I turned 40 and offered a retreat in honor of my birthday. Since then I have been committed to creating sacred space for people to connect both with themselves and with each other.

I have been a student of A Course In Miracles for the past thirteen years and I raised my children to understand that the Easter bunny comes from the ancient goddess, Eostara—I have a variety of practices to call upon!

And they translate well to the virtual world.

I have experienced deep connection online and been privileged to participate in multiple transformational trainings and workshops. So it is with the utmost trust and confidence that I offer this opportunity to you, for you, with you.

My commitment is to create a safe and sacred space for this, my third virtual retreat—a space for us to explore the season with creativity, with movement, with fun.

I am so looking forward to what we create together.

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